Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friends & Jesus

This is something I just thought up.  So enjoy!

Who are friends?

Friends are the ones you can run to and cry with.
Friends are the ones who will always be there for you when things get rough.
Friends are who you need them to be whenever you need them.
Friends are just there.

Friends are also the ones who will always listen to you and never ignore you.
True friends are the type to laugh with you one moment and cry with you the next.
True friends are never ashamed of one another.
True friends stick up for one another in front of them as well as when there not there.
True friends.. you can just feel when they are being honest and when their not.

True friends never leave you.

But what happens when friends DO leave you. or try to avoid you.
what happens when they show their true side.
what happens when they turn their backs on you.

We get left empty handed and hearted.
Crying without a shoulder to cry on.
Feeling alone and left out.

We depend on our friends for support and a shoulder to cry on.

But I don't ..

I depend on Jesus!
He will NEVER leave me.

I need Him to love me not them.
My hope I lay in Him. 
Because I know that whatever happens HE'S got my back.

But I never forget my friends.. instead I pray for them on a daily bases. 
I pray for truth and not lies.

Because one day I know they will realize that they have thrown away a true friend.

But its okay, I guess their right..

I DONT need them.

I am better off without them.

I have Jesus.. my Daddy!

So I will quite trying all I can to be the best friend to them though they ignore me.

because like I said..
Their right..
I DON'T need them.

I'm coming back to Jesus. Its all about Him. Not them. Not me.

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