Thursday, January 29, 2009

ok so once again these are out of order.. I can't ever do this right!! But I'm trying guys. But this is our snow day.. bur unfortunately I didn't get outta school. But... I did get some cool pictures! And trust me.. this aint all of them.. I filled up 1 and a half memory sticks!!!!  I was so proud.. and at the same time mad at myself because I was thinking of all the editing that lay before me! But.. I did it. Not all of it though.. I just downloaded 1 memory stick for now.. I got to exhausted THINKING of all the work! But anyways now that you know how my day was.. hope YOU have a great and wonderful and miraculous day!!

oh and by the way.. the one of eddy (my dog) where everything is moving except him.. I thought it was hilarious because he has a nick name, "the blur!"   I laughed and said.. I caught the blur in action!! lol!

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