Monday, September 21, 2009

Just Some Randomness As Usual

So closely, I followed in Your footsteps
Like wind in a storm
I stand where others sit
But, carelessly I crossed the line
You give me hope while they give me now
They mold me like clay into what they need
The war begins inside until it's out
All hope is lost of freedom from the cross

So Help me stand where I am strong
Make me stay where I belong
When I let my heart fade
Persuade me to conquer and not be restrained
Let my obedience testify
I love You more, I love You more

Providence is what I underrated
I thought it unrealistic
But now I've faded and I'm numb
I hate who I've become
I'm one of them, But secretly yearn for Him
My mind fights with my heart
surely, I've fallen from God's grace

My heart doesn't decide
Cause You reign over me
You conquered my mind
And You stole my heart

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