Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gatlinburg 09

So we went to Gatlinburg last week and played for Grace Baptist youth retreat. It was a blast! We all had sooo much fun!
We stayed at this beautiful cabin in the mountains. And I mean in the mountains! It took us about 20 minutes minimum just traveling up the mountain to get to the cabin! While there we were introduced to the game shuffle bored. Here's (left to right) Brandon and Uncle Joey playing on one end.
Da de da da! This is cousin Russell playing on the other side of the bored. Him and I took this game very seriously since we were playing on opposite teams!  Shortly after hanging out with him we found out that we were distantly related to him. So ever since then I've called him cousin Russell. He stepped in on the drums and a little guitar for us.
This is my brother Brandon and my little uncle Joey. 
This is us before we were about to play I think. The dude in the blue shirt is the youth paster for Grace Baptist. And he is an amazing speaker!
And finally a group picture on the balcony before we left. 
Left to right: 
Cousin Russell the drummer and guitar player,
 Brittany the Roddie, 
Caleb the guitar player and backup vocalist, 
Uncle Joey the band manager (ha jk),
 Brandon the guitar player and backup vocalist, 
me the bass player and backup vocalist,
 Mom or as it says on her drivers license Christy, the Lead singer and pianist,
 Justin the sound guy/Roddie, 
Dad (Jay) the driver/ Roddie.

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