Thursday, January 15, 2009

We're In His Every Thought

How many fathers give up there life's,
For a rebellious child such as you and I
And how many people give up there all,
So we may never fall
So what can we do in return 
The earth already sings

The stars shine, in honor of our king
The grass grows green, to show Him here in me
And the trees grow tall, to show His love for all
The sun shines, reflections of His smile
And the wind blows, to show His spirit move
The smile on your face,
Shows you in His grace

How many teachers fall to there knees in pain,
So we may never have to feel the same
How many rulers give up their glory,
All so we can discover their treasures
And how many gods died for us all,
and rose again

What's holding us back
Now we'll never lack
The strength it takes, to move on
He's here with us
We're in His every thought 

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